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Neuro-finance is now (slowly) making its way onto the economics curriculum, one instance of which is in Ireland, where Dr. Stephen Kinsella, has included a lecture on it, in his lectures on financial economics. This is probably pretty good news for the neuro-scientists out there, but will it bring new insights, or more navel gazing, to a sub-discipline already deeply involved with itself?

Lecture Note on responses to Intertemporal Choices... Pretty

Lecture Slide on responses to Intertemporal Choices... Pretty

Either way, it’s cutting edge, and it could provide some answers to the questions and (empirically tested) theories  which Kahneman and Tversky have already provided… Dr. Kinsella offers a very helpful list of extra reading and lecture notes, which discusses the neural responses to decisions about whether to take rewards now or later. It’s admittedly fascinating stuff, but I am not sure if it can add up to explanations of how and why the whole financial markets work, but that is not so much an indictment of neurofinance, but more to do with micro and macroeconomics. At least the brain scans give us something to look at.


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