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“Economics Job Market Rumor” is a website which functions like a blog. You write a blogpost which consists most often of a single line, and which is the statement of a rumor you’ve heard. People can react to that by writing  a comment, confirming or disconfirming the rumor. The possibility to remain anonymous acts as an incentive to voice honest opinions, I suppose.

A friend of mine had posted a simple question related to “history of economic thought”, and got fairly sympathetic responses to this field. The average, job-seeking economist is not completely averse to history of economic thought, would it seem (good for me!)

What about neuroeconomics? I let you see the comments posted to a post consisting of the single word, “Neuroeconomics”. Very harsh!

Interestingly, it has been posted in the category “micro job rumors”, micro standing for “microeconomics” of course. Would the responses have been different in the smaller, but more oecumenic category “The Economics Discipline” instead? I just started a thread, let’s wait for the reactions!


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