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Here is a first movie I made on neuromarketing.

To explain a bit: this is realized with Gephi, a software for  the visualization of networks evolving through time.

What is the data represented? This is a co-occurrence network, obtained through the AlchemyAPI plugin for Gephi. I know, this sounds cryptic! Basically, the idea is that words represented in the network are the most frequent ones used in webpages discussing neuromarketing. A link between any two nodes means that those two words frequently co-occur (ie, they are used in same documents, as opposed to being frequently used but never appearing simultaneously in the same text).

This is just a proof of concept –  the movie is hard to read and needs much refinement. I presented today at the Sunbelt conference a refined version, with accompanying slides (do click on the slides, not on the timeline below them).


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