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This coming Saturday I will start a three-week visit to a university with teams performing research in neuroeconomics. The purpose of this visit is to perform an “ethnography” of neuroeconomics, focused on how interdisciplinarity works in practice. Among other purposes, this study will provide me with qualitative insights which will complement one of the other projects I am currently running on the bibliometric study of neuroeconomics.

A bibliometric study can be many things, in this case I am interested in how publications in neuroeconomics reflect its interdisciplinary nature. Online databases such as ISI Thomson help a great deal in performing such a study, and the remaining difficulties are probably of the conceptual sort (see the previous post!).

The results of those bibliometric studies are most commonly represented in graphs of social networks: they help read a tonne of information in just one picture.  I am currently training myself to use them, getting gray hair at pre-processing bibliometric files which then can be fed into those softwares…

This is how a social network can look like in practice (click on the pic to expand):

A co-citation network - green and yellow nodes indicate those papers citing heavily the original set


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