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Here is a first movie I made on neuromarketing.

To explain a bit: this is realized with Gephi, a software for  the visualization of networks evolving through time.

What is the data represented? This is a co-occurrence network, obtained through the AlchemyAPI plugin for Gephi. I know, this sounds cryptic! Basically, the idea is that words represented in the network are the most frequent ones used in webpages discussing neuromarketing. A link between any two nodes means that those two words frequently co-occur (ie, they are used in same documents, as opposed to being frequently used but never appearing simultaneously in the same text).

This is just a proof of concept –  the movie is hard to read and needs much refinement. I presented today at the Sunbelt conference a refined version, with accompanying slides (do click on the slides, not on the timeline below them).


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What is neuroeconomics? I tried to answer this nagging question in a quantitative and visual way:

What do these big blobs mean?

The big, green one stands for all the journals published in neuroscience. The strings connecting this blob to some other blobs in the graph represent citations. The size of the blob represents the proportion of papers in neuroeconomics published in this discipline, according to a dataset spanning 1999-2009.

Not surprisingly, neurosciences is the biggest one. But, where is economics for example, and which size is it? Ok, I hope this was teasing enough (to neuroeconomists at least…): this is explained in much more details on a presentation I gave a few days ago, the slides of which you can find there. Note: if you are a neuroeconomist, a scientometrician, or a social network analyst, I am particularly interested in your feedback! Post a comment on this blog entry!

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